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Traditional- TheMusicalGamer by OmegaSam7890
Traditional- TheMusicalGamer
Tumblr Post
I've been meaning to post this up for a long time now, but my computer has been being a butt to me lately along with the scanner on my printer.

Artwork (c) OmegaSam :iconomegasam7890:
Chuggaa Sans by OmegaSam7890
Chuggaa Sans

I actually had a planned drawing for Halloween, but unfortunatley I won't be able to finish it in time; so with much motivation on wanting to play UnderTale sooner or later and also by ProtonJon's stream yesterday, I've drawn a Sans version of Emile due to one comment in the chat saying "Emile is Sans!" (also that I know Sans makes puns)

This will just be my small Halloween picture this year to you guys. Schools been rough especially with having to prepare a portfolio when I really don't have anything to put in it. So this picture definately helped me relax a lot; it was short, simple, and punny.
Tumblr Post
Hope you guys have a Spoopy Halloween! Halloween Pumpkin  *Free Icon/Emote* Halloween Pusheen Kawaii Papyrus Sans icon 2 sp00ki  

Artwork (c) OmegaSam :iconomegasam7890:
Sans (c) TobyFox
Red Square Bullet ChuggaaConroy
(drawing is actually larger, but I will not be posting the larger version)

Youtube Banner by OmegaSam7890
Youtube Banner
Trying to get a YouTube channel started for speed paints/draws so for now this will work for a banner. Had to actually shrink it for the one on youtube

Artwork (c) OmegaSam :iconomegasam7890:
QuarterGuy and OmegaSnake VS Parace L'Sia by OmegaSam7890
QuarterGuy and OmegaSnake VS Parace L'Sia
This drawing is in dedication to OmegaSnake and TheQuarterGuy's battles against Parace L'Sia.
Tumblr Post
The war against Parace L'Sia has been harsh on these youtubers. May they gain the strength and will power to defeat this being.

The Dream is Real, The Dream is ALIVE AND KICKING ASS!!!

Sorry for not being active on both tumblr and deviantart. I've been working on large drawings at once and hanging out with friends before school starts again since now they are college students.

Some Info. about the Drawing
Silver Square Bullet As you guys can see my art style has changed and its here to stay
Silver Square Bullet I feel that I can represent/display characters and personality more.
Silver Square Bullet Have not drawn a picture that is able to be a background for a while. It was actually unintentional when I made the size 1600x900. The picture was smaller for the sketch, then I enlarged it to do the line art and it happened to be 1600x900
Silver Square Bullet Used scratched iron stock photo for the VS logo and black background. The texture for the red and blue background came from one of my brush textures.
Silver Square Bullet I'll go into more detail about OmegaSnake's and QuarterGuy's designs later whenever I do a full body drawing of them at some point

Parace L'Sia
Purple Square Bullet Shading and highlights are based on various shades of purple
Purple Square Bullet Biggest pair of breasts I have ever drawn
Purple Square Bullet I wanted to make her look more sinister than her picture does in game.

Pink Square Bullet Shading and highlights based on Heart Aino's color being mostly pink/red
Pink Square Bullet Outfit belongs to Heart Aino, but with a pair of orange shorts
Pink Square Bullet Has Heart's heart curl
Pink Square Bullet Pink glasses because Heart...

Blue Square Bullet Shading and highlights are based on Kamui Tokinomiya's color mostly being blue/green
Blue Square Bullet Outfit belongs to Kamui, but with a pair of blue/greenish pants
Blue Square Bullet Was originally drawn facing to the side with the sword in the sheath. Changed this to give the drawing more of a fighting game feel.
Blue Square Bullet Couldn't decide what to do with the highlights on the hair, so I did both orange and blue

Artwork (c) OmegaSam :iconomegasam7890:

Parace L'Sia (c) Arcana Hearts

TheQuarterGuy Channel TheQuarterGuy Twitch TV

OmegaSnake Channel OmegaSnake Twitch TV 
I would all like your honest opinion. Would you like me to open commissions back up? With only taking three at a time in order to provide myself the time to do them. I am starting to get more and more into going into an art career. This means I must get used to commissions at some point.

I will admit I was not ready for them before at a young age. I was not properly prepared to get so many and have so much other work to do at the same time. Not having a working schedule caused so much commotion to happen that was not necessary at all.

College is approaching fast and I would like some kind of background into understanding commissions a lot more to get me prepared for later in life. These commissions will be payed in points as a way for me to start doing commissions again. Once again I will only be doing 3 at one time. It will be a first come first served system. I've done a schedule like this before with requests from my friends and it has worked out really well. It has allowed me to have time for my personal art, commissions, and school work.

Now if you guys want me to open commissions again, it will take a while before I can get it started because I want to make the best and most clear art examples I can for the commission prices.


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